Confessions of a European Shopaholic: York Trip

23 Sep

On Saturday I headed to York about two hours north of Harlaxton.  I had heard good reviews of previous students that had gone on the trip and one characteristic of the place definitely stood out.  It has the best shopping.  And those people were right.  York is street after street of shops.

There are high end shops, antique shops, boutiques, and everything you could possibly imagine.  Kristina, Katie, and I just dove in right away weaving through  the streets and going into any store that looked promising.  I found the cutest art shop that sold prints of lots of different art works.  I bought a painting of London that had  the Eye, a double-Decker bus, the bridge, and many other things that I loved oh so much in London.  It looks exactly like the illustrations in a Madeline book which made it all the better.


I also ended up buying clothes and jewelry from multiple places.  The fashion here is much more sophisticated and put together than in the States. I feel like it’s so much classier and attractive than the shopping at home and I feel like it fits me more than anything in America.  And I’m definitely showing my love for it by buying way too much…. Oh well, I’ll be very well dressed when I get home.

In a couple stores we ended up talking to sales associates who were beyond fascinated with our accents and wanted to talk to us about our language, culture, and other things.  I learned a lot of new things from these people about words used in British I had never heard before.  I learned more about how Americans are depicted as obnoxious and rude, thankfully she said we were the opposite of what she expected.  It is SOOO interesting talking to these people and learning about British culture in such a hands on way.  It’s also really fun to tell people about home and to show them that not all Americans are the same.


For lunch we stopped by the Blue Fly where again we felt extremely awkward not knowing whether to sit down, how to order, or anything we were supposed to do.  But eventually we figured it out and my chicken and chipotle mayo pita was probably the most delicious thing I’ve had since I left the states.  It gave me just enough energy to keep moving throughout the city shopping and sightseeing.  York also had beautiful castles and cathedrals similar to the ones we had seen the day before.


By 4:00 I was exhausted and broke so we headed back to the bus to go home…. it was actually the first day I referred to Harlaxton as home.  It was strange and a bit heartbreaking making me feel like a traitor.  But I guess this place really is my home.  My second home.

British Lesson for the Day: A ladybug is called a ladybird.  Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?!


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