Shop till You Drop: Rome Part Two.

21 Oct

For our last day in Rome we decided to slow things down and just try to enjoy the city. Sometimes when you’re traveling you get so caught up in the checklist of things you want to see that you forget to just take in the city in itself. So for that Saturday we decided to walk the streets with no plan… other than to buy a lot of stuff.


We roamed aimlessly around going in souvenir shops, street vendor carts, and anywhere else that looked appealing. It was so nice to just weave through the streets. I was trying so hard to remember every detail about everything. I am just so afraid of not remembering it exactly as it was.


And somehow…. not sure how 🙂 after wandering for awhile we ended up back at the Trevi Fountain. It was only right to come say goodbye. We sat there at the fountain for about a half hour just staring at it not really saying anything. It was one of those places that just shook up my whole perspective and washed me over with a feeling of pure happiness. It’s one of those places where you feel like nothing can go wrong.


Unfortunately the rain shooed us away and pushed us on-wards to buy more stuff. The fashion in Italy at some of the stores was a little too intense for me, with fur, bright colors, sequence, and way too much going on. On the other hand some of it was extremely sophisticated, expensive, and high fashion. Italy was such an interesting place.


The food was amazing everywhere we went. Everything was made on the spot with fresh ingredients. I will definitely miss the food a lot. Pizza Hut will never ever be the same. I will also miss the passion I felt in Rome. Couples who couldn’t keep their hands off one another, protests in the streets with songs and chants, the dramatic fashion and music, songs on the radio that are emotional and romantic, everything about this place. I never wanted to leave.


But after a bottle of Italian wine and a good night’s sleep we headed back to the airport and flew to England… where the signs were readable and the people are almost all as pale as I am. I guess England’s not all bad.


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