Literally on Top of the World: Paris Part 1&2.

2 Dec

For our first day in Paris we wanted to get up early and head to the Louvre. This place is a HUGE art museum that contains paintings and sculptures I’ve seen in books and movies. I was most excited about seeing the glass prisms outside the museum and the Mona Lisa inside. The real Mona Lisa!! The museum was amazing and had four huge floors of different artifacts.




After the museum we headed towards the Eiffel Tower. It poured rain on us the entire way there but we were so excited to be in Paris we didn’t even mind. We jumped in puddles the whole way there. Finally the rain stopped and we looked up and standing proud above us was the beautiful Eiffel Tower. It literally took my breath away. We found a little cafe right next to the tower and had a lunch people watching and scarfing down delicious pizza. Finished with lunch we walked the park that the tower is in, taking hundreds of pictures.


We passed the time until it was the scheduled time for our trip to the top of the tower. I was so scared to go all the way up there and my stomach was flipping the entire way. It started raining again and was so windy when we got out of the elevator. It was terrifying! After about twenty minutes the rain finally let up and we were able to actually see the scenery. It was incredible. I was standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower looking out on all of Paris. I am so glad I conquered my fear of heights for this experience.




Passing a lot of shopping and cafes, we decided to look around and relax. It was nice to just explore the streets and take in our surroundings. That’s so important on trips like these to not only see the tourist spots, but to take in the everyday streets. They can be the best part.



For our second day in Paris we went to the Palace of Versailles. This is where Marie Antoinette lived. It was gorgeous, gold and huge! The gardens in back were massive and perfectly landscaped. It was insane thinking this is where people used to live.




After the palace we did more shopping and then headed the long trek to the Arc de Triumph. I had seen this landmark in so many movies and was so excited to see it in person. It was so much bigger than I ever imagined and so ornately detailed. I was entranced by its beauty.


As the sun was setting we headed back to our severely creepy hotel. It was in a really weird part of Paris that didn’t always feel so safe. We liked to be back before it got very late. This experience taught me to research my hotels as much as possible before booking!! After day two we were ready for days three and four in Paris. The city had so much more to offer us.


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